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Bric Brac

A film director tries to persuade the main actor to continue playing his part in the film. The actor refuses to get involved due to the similarities between the movie action and a real situation he has gone through (a violent argument with his girlfriend). Finally, the film director seems to convince the actor to stay on task, although the alternative of shooting a film on the Romanian Revolution (a fashionable theme) is still on hand.

Film notes

The film merges the actor’s personal story and the film script, so that you cannot discern between the fiction intended by the director and the memories rejected by the actor.

I wanted to experience for myself a different way of working with actors than the one that is usual at film school, one based on long rehearsals before filming proper. I wanted the actors to know about what was going to happen in the film only in broad terms, to be very familiar with the text, but in a dry way, without thinking of anything when they read it, without any indicators as to mood, action. Everything had to be spontaneous, alive – the actor had to be induced into a state in which he related to the other actor as a real person, not as a character speaking lines according to a certain logical idea, as he ought to speak them.

Apart from the director-actor relationship, I was obsessed with the relation between reality and fiction, especially in terms of how film draws in reality. It scared me to think about the possession that happens to a good actor and the director’s responsibility when he is playing God, not only toward what he offers the audience, but above all toward the actor, whose life he literally transforms, at least for a period of time.

With all these things in mind, with all those serious obsessions, a self-ironic film was inevitable. It had to be a film with real characters, with Girard’s triangle of Actor-Mistress-Director, in which we would play ourselves. So, Paul Ipate and Ioana Blaj, the actors, who are lovers in the film are also lovers in real life; I played a director in the film, but I was also the director in reality. In other words, the entire team, apart from the cameraman, who, neither logically nor physically, could have been behind and in front of the camera at the same time.
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Previous screenings

Berlinale: Berlin International Film Festival
5 Feb – 15 Feb | Berlin, Germany
23 Mar – 30 Mar | Bucharest, Romania
6 May – 10 Apr | Timisoara, Romania
13 May – 22 May | Cannes, France
Transilvania International Film Festival
29 May – 7 Jun | Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Independent Producers International Film Festival
22 Jun – 28 Jun | Constanta, Romania
Tofifest: International Film Festival
26 Jun – 3 Jul | Toruń, Poland
26 Jun – 4 Jul | Trieste, Italy
9 Jul – 11 Jul | Capalbio, Italy
6 Aug – 9 Aug | Hollywood, United States
Fresh Film Fest: International Student Film Festival
12 Aug – 16 Aug | Praha, Czech Republic
Beginning: St. Petersburg International Festival of Debut and Student Films
18 Sep – 23 Sep | St Petersburg, Russia

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