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Romy, driving from Los Angeles to The Bay Area, stops in Bakersfield to get some gas. The gas station restroom is out of service so he drives to a nearby Mexican grocery store to use theirs. The store owner, noticing that there aren't any customers left his store, and unaware that Romy is in the restroom, decides to make a quick trip to the bank. He locks up the store, leaving Renata, one of the employees, inside. When Romy comes out of the restroom and
makes his way towards the exit, Renata is surprised to see him, and tries to explain the situation to him in Spanish. When she does, it becomes apparent that Romy speaks very little Spanish and that Renata speaks very little English. Churros is the story of what happens between the two in the 15 minutes before the
owner comes back.



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29 May | Los Angeles, United States

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