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Pink Seas

When partaking in wish fulfillment, be wary of deities, which promise a quick fix to your problems.

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Blue Behavior Begat Blue Fairy Tale
The word “blue” in reference to risque or pornographic content has been around for a while. There is no one definitive event in time that declared, from this day forth, “blue” will have these following connotations. Instead it is more likely that the human race in a collective unconscious state agreed that the word blue will refer to things that make people uncomfortable.
Blue Comedy is humor which can be offensive, risque, profane, and anything else you wouldn’t say to your mom. This term of use is generally attributed to Thomas Sargent, aka “Cheeky Chappie,” a British comedian who started out in 1930 performing at music halls. Cheeky Chappie was a fan of double entendres and flashy suits. He wrote his jokes in two notebooks, one white for “clean jokes” and one blue for “dirty jokes.” To avoid being arrested, Cheeky would stop short of finishing his dirty joke, making the audience finish it in their head; following the laughter he would berate them for having dirty minds.
The pornographic movie (“porno” or “stag film”) is also known as a “blue movie.” Any of the above examples could have influenced the coining of this term. In 1969 Andy Warhol released “Blue Movie;” there is a lot of sex, discussions about the Vietnam War and stuff. It is a compelling movie, but sadly does not hold up to today’s standards. There is no cum shot and a lot of hairy beaver.
“Blue Movie,” written by Terry Southern, came out in 1970. The story is about King B., an Oscar-winning director who sets off to make the dirtiest and most expensive pornographic movie ever. Terry Southern’s screenwriting credits include “Easy Rider,” “Dr. Stranglove,” and “Barbarella.”
And it is because of this rich history in “blue behavior” that Exist/Offend can craft and present to you for your viewing enjoyment a “Blue Fairy Tale,” a combination of all that is blue with the structure of a fairy tale.
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