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A portrait of 15-year-old Kaylee who lives in a caravan park with her neglectful father. The film follows Kaylee over a 24-hour period as she sneaks out from her chalet at dawn and wanders out into the local marshland.
Kaylee leads a solitary existence, preferring to roam freely in the surrounding fields with only the company of wild horses. Ostracised by the community around her, the resilient Kaylee passively waits for her mother whom she believes will return to find her.
When she discovers a man sleeping rough in a derelict house, she becomes fascinated by him and feels a kinship. Kaylee’s challenging encounter with this enigmatic stranger compels her to re-evaluate her future.

Film notes

The story at the root of this film is that of a young girl who is trapped. I wanted to make an honest and frank portrayal of this moment which is, to some extent, a universal story where a child is propelled from the trappings of naivety into adulthood.
The issues that I am attempting to address in the film are potentially uncomfortable but they are not necessarily uncommon. This is a film about a young girl who breaks away from a childhood that is full of manipulation. Many are resistant to the idea of change even if their circumstances are unbearable. However, change brings a sense of opportunity and this is exactly what this young girl realises. Shedding a somewhat callow sense that she will be saved by her absent mother, we see her as she sets out to begin her life



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Previous screenings

Berlinale: Berlin International Film Festival
7 Feb – 17 Feb | Berlin, Germany
Festival Signes de Nuit Paris | 2008
31 Mar – 5 Apr | Paris, France
18 Jun – 29 Jun | Edinburgh, United Kingdom
4 Aug – 10 Aug | Prizren, Kosovo
18 Sep – 28 Sep | Cambridge, United Kingdom
2 Oct – 12 Oct | Mill Valley, United States
15 Oct – 30 Oct | London, United Kingdom
Zinebi: International Festival of Documentary and Short Film
21 Nov – 29 Nov | Bilbao, Spain
1 Dec – 7 Dec | Tirana, Albania
4 Dec – 11 Dec | Nassau, Bahamas
9 Jan – 18 Jan | London, United Kingdom
12 Feb – 22 Feb | Glasgow, United Kingdom
26 Mar – 4 Apr | Belfast, United Kingdom
23 Apr – 30 Apr | London, United Kingdom
24 Apr – 4 May | Syracuse, United States
24 Apr – 30 Apr | Athens, United States

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