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Knock Knock Who's There

Wade, an upper middle-aged pothead, doesn't pay his rent. This, among other things, stresses his landlord Ernie out. However, Wade's marijuana eases that stress, and so they set out to buy some more. In a tale of friendship, controlled substance and armed robbery, Knock Knock Who's There takes three unlikely pals on an adventure from the suburban underground to the long arm of the law.

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One may watch Knock Knock Who's There and think, "Ah, what a clever little drug movie. See, they get wronged, then they get even, and then, they're punished. Wouldn't the Hayes Code be so goddamned satisfied."
Well, maybe we'd squeeze by the sensors, but our movie has an underlying meaning. It's a movie about the harmlessness of marijuana, and the extreme danger of the world in which it is bought and sold. Even regular schmoes like these three suburban people can be thrown into a life of violence and thievery and supposed "justice" that will alter their harmless lives forever -- and not for the better. Enjoy.
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Copyright © 2008 Adam & Evan Beamer

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Previous screenings

4 Jan – 31 Dec | New York, United States
23 Oct – 26 Oct | Burlington, United States
WT Os International Film Festival
5 Nov – 9 Nov | Os, Norway
30 Jan – 8 Feb | Victoria, Canada
5 Feb – 15 Feb | Spokane, United States
5 Feb – 22 Feb | San Francisco, United States
7 Feb – 8 Feb | Beverley Hills, United States
4 Mar – 15 Mar | Washington, United States
Honolulu Film Awards | 2009
6 Mar – 8 Mar | Honolulu, United States
3 Apr – 5 Apr | Asbury Park, United States
17 Apr – 26 Apr | Boston, United States
30 Apr – 7 May | Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tulsa, Chicaco, New York, London, United States
1 May – 3 May | West Liberty, United States
19 May – 25 May | Delray Beach, United States
11/22 International Comedy Short Film Festival | 2009
16 Jun – 20 Jun | Vienna, Austria

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