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Lucky Numbers

Derrick loves to count. He loves to count everything.

He is convinced through his obsession with counting, that he can predict the winning Lottery numbers and gain the heart of the shows presenter, Luscious Lucy. Things don’t quite go Derrick’s way but he wins more than money can ever buy.

A story of hope, despair and a fair amount of swearing.

Film notes

We wanted a sunny jolly look to our film, but we forgot we live in the UK not CA and shooting at weekends was time consuming anyway but waiting for a sunny day too, it just took forever. 8 months in fact.

The crew was never bigger than 3.

The sets were all hand built by the co-director Pete Seaward.

It was shot on 35mm.


Previous screenings

1 Jan – 31 Dec | Los Angeles, United States
1 Dec – 7 Dec | Miami, United States
23 Mar – 26 Mar | London, United Kingdom
25 Mar – 29 Mar | Gympie, Australia
13 May – 18 May | Rochester, United States
Swansea Bay Film Festival | 2009
30 May – 6 Jun | Swansea, United Kingdom
Salento Finibus Terrae: International Short Film Festival
11 Jul – 26 Jul | Fasano (BR), Carovigno (BR), Ostuni (BR) e San Vito dei Normanni (BR), Italy
International Film Festival Ireland | 2009
6 Sep – 12 Sep | Conmel, Ireland
International Film Festival South Africa | 2009
2 Nov – 8 Nov | Howick, South Africa
22 Apr – 26 Apr | Berlin, Germany

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