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Wolves & Doves

A day in the life of a homeless man.

These are people that we pass everyday, in every city across the world. They are invisible, unknowable, and alone. But what are their interior lives like? What do they dream? What do they fear? What do they find beautiful?

Wolves & Doves is film about an outcast from society, someone who sees the world from the outside.

Film notes

I used to have this studio apartment above a shop in Bowling Green, OH. My computer was right by a window that overlooked an alleyway. I just glanced at the alley one day and, in my mind, stuck a guy down there. There it was, the idea. I wrote a simple five page script and drew up some storyboards.

I've always wanted to do a film or a one-act about a homeless guy, and this seemed like the time to do it. I asked a good friend of mine, Matthew Honaker, if he would help me produce the movie. He agreed, and we shot the film in a chilly November weekend for a zero-dollar budget, just whatever we could scrape up. We got lucky and Mel Minch, the main actor in the film, owned a Canon XL1, which we filmed the entire movie with. We shot the entire film in a frenzied two-day period, with some minor reshoots a few weeks later (due to a dirty lens). By Matt's calculation, we did almost 100 setups in those two days, or about 20 days of proper filming.

I wanted the film to be drastically different than most films about the homeless. There is no message here to go volunteer for your soup kitchen. And as a piece of art rather than a PSA, it needed to have an abstract, surreal quality that would accompany someone who lives so utterly outside of the world. The music from UK ambient artist Pete Kelly added a great atmosphere to the dreariness of the Cleveland warehouse district.

I've very proud of this film. It's extremely close to my original vision when I saw the alleyway outside of my Bowling Green window. It's very rough, some stuff is out of focus, but it shows me very honestly as a beginning filmmaker. I hope you enjoy it.




Copyright © 2006 Carl Wilhoyte

Previous screenings

4 Aug – 6 Aug | Cleveland, United States

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