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La Casetta di Marzapane

Every minute of the day Nino receives from a constantly switched on TV all sorts of information, all of it unfit for a child his age; news reports, especially, show and tell chilling stories at any time of the day. In this world, a fairy tale, in its classic form, has no reason to be. Ogres and witches become fierce criminals, deviated people. These are the monsters children fear, and sorcerers are species doomed to extinction. According to the TV, it seems like chocolate and candy are not quite as enticing as drugs and psychedelics. Even family murders become a daily reality that leaves a mark in Nino's mind, to the point where he feels pushed to emulate what the news shows.

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This short movie is an adaptation of the classic fairy tale of Hansel & Gretel. The story is retold through the eyes of a child who, forced to sit in front of constant and unhealthy “media bombing” from the TV, creates a distorted and disturbing version of this famous tale.
Grotesque noir comedy


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Short Films - Rome Film Fest
22 Oct – 31 Oct | Rome, Italy
29 Oct – 1 Nov | Torino, Italy
31 Oct – 15 Nov | Istrana, Italy
1 Jan – 31 Dec | Italy
19 Mar – 26 Mar | Boston, United States
New York International Independent Film and Video Festival | 2009
19 Mar – 26 Mar | New York, United States
10 Sep – 13 Sep | Sydney, Australia

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i like it!
4 Jun 2010 | Sammy Mednick | United States

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