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International Tour Film Festival

The Cultural Association CivitaFilm was officially founded in 2007 with the aim of promoting the image of Civitavecchia and its territory in the world through audiovisual productions, organization of cultural events and shows. The constant activity of CivitaFilm in attracting and encouraging audiovisual production furthermore contributes to increase economic development, tourism and cultural growth through the film industry.This choice of development was established in 2012 Tolfa Short Film Festival.Since 2015, the Festival is changed to search for new potential and a further increase of confrontation and cultural exchange that only a city like Civitavecchia can offer, thanks to the huge catchment area which boasts being the first cruise port in the Mediterranean.Thus was born the “InternationalTourFilmFest”, evolution of a process aimed to embrace all the territory north of Rome in a film project that will help to boost the economy through the audiovisual and Tourism that it brings.


Entry deadline: 30 April
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