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Brisbane International Film Festival

15th edition

2006 | 26 July - 7 August

Heavy Metal Drummer

United Kingdom | 2005 | 6:00
Directors: Luke Morris, Toby MacDonald
A teenage, metal-head misfit rocks the Arab world in this amusing tale of one music fan's quest to follow his metallic muse despite a disapproving soc...
Image from Our Man in Nirvana

Our Man in Nirvana

Germany | 2005 | 11:00
Director: Jan Koester
A famous rock guitarist named John dies on stage and wakes up in Nirvana. Finding himself in a limbo populated by strange creatures and occurrences, h...


United Kingdom | 2004 | 13:00
Director: Daniel Mulloy
The desire to belong overwhelmes Richard. As a fifteen year old of Cantonese decent, he tries hard to fit into his adoptive home in Wales. Lorna, his ...

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