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Brisbane International Film Festival

14th edition

2005 | 27 July - 8 August

Image from Boy


New Zealand | 2004 | 14:59
Director: Welby Ings
A young male prostitute lives in a fantasy world full of broken angel-like dolls. By accident, he uncovers the truth behind a fatal accident in his ho...


Australia | 2004 | 6:53
Director: Van Sowerwine
A twelve year old girl's world has just changed forever.

L'homme sans tête

France | 2003 | 15:00
Director: Juan Solanas
Tonight, the man without a head will declare his love. For such an occasion, he shall buy a head.
Image from Mixed Signals

Mixed Signals

Canada | Jan 2005 | 8:00
Director: Richard Martin
A scrambled satellite signal blurs a televised image into a kaleidoscope of sound and color. The resulting picture, even in its confusion, becomes a m...


Australia | 2005 | 4:08
Director: Mike Hollands
A stuffed donkey's search for respect.
Image from Still Life

Still Life

Australia | Jan 2006 | 16:00
Director: Tahnee McGuire
Ron had no life until Mandy lit it up.

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