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Pentedattilo Film Festival

Pentedattilo Film Festival is one of the most important festivals for short films in Southern Italy.

Pentedattilo Film Festival is held every year in Calabria (Italy) in the ghost town of Pentedattilo. The village is perched on a strange rock shaped as a giant hand, and it has recently experienced a cultural recovery that has made it one of the most significant destination for the spread of international short films.

This town is becoming a new birthplace for Art, many sites have been already restored and, since 2006, its streets are ploughed by filmmakers from all over the World, during Pentedattilo Film Festival. You have to see it to believe it: a small town still injured by the abandonment, that gets filled with words, ideas, images.

Every year Pentedattilo Film Festival opens to those insatiable travellers who explore unusual borders, dedicating them a 5 full time days of screenings, seminars, films, special events.
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