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Anima: Brussels Animation Film Festival

23rd edition

2004 | 19 - 29 February


Russia | 2003 | 4:20
Director: Konstantin Bronzit
Even a god might have to reincarnate to get rid of a pesky fly.
Image from Car Craze

Car Craze

Netherlands | 2003 | 12:10
Director: Evert de Beijer
An ecological inspector gets stranded in a forgotten oil town, dominated by monstruous cars. His short stay in a motel doesn't give him a moment's res...
Image from Eternal Gaze

Eternal Gaze

United States | Feb 2003 | 15:50
Director: Sam Chen
Inspired by the life and torment of Alberto Giacometti, this is a story about an Artist, his Art, and reciprocated love.
Image from Fast Film

Fast Film

Austria | 2003 | 14:00
Director: Virgil Widrich
When a woman is kidnapped, a man sets about to save her, but as they flee, they are caught up in the secret base of evil… A tribute to classic action ...
Image from Harvie Krumpet

Harvie Krumpet

Australia | 2003 | 22:00
Director: Adam Elliot
The biography of an ordinary man seemingly cursed with perpetual bad luck.
Image from Raging Blues

Raging Blues

France | 2003 | 6:00
Directors: Lyonnel Mathieu, Vincent Paronnaud
In the 1930's, coming up to Christmas, a promoter presents a large new building project to the mayor in the town hall offices of a large metropolis. I...
Image from Ritterschlag


Germany | May 2003 | 6:30
Director: Sven Martin
A dragon teaches his son the necessary techniques to defend himself against a knight's blows. To give the young dragon some practice, they use the hel...

The Separation

United Kingdom | 2003 | 10:00
Director: Robert Morgan
A dark tale about the separation of conjoined twins.
Image from Ward 13

Ward 13

Australia | 2003 | 14:30
Director: Peter Cornwell
What price would you put on your health? Ben is about to find out... WARD 13's newest admission faces medical attention of an unwanted kind — and no a...

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