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Serafinski Studio

We produce mainly animated films for children and adults as well. We also produce animated trailers, telediscs, and all kind of short forms. For example our last production was animated (drawing on paper), educational series of 30 pieces, 40 sec. each - "Pucul i Grzechu", for polish public TV. In 2009 we also finshed production of two short animations ( 10 and 13 min.) for adults. This films were combination of 3 D, 2 D and live action footage. We also produced experimental , 23 minutes ,animation/documentary "Inventorium of traces", developed and directored by Brothers Quay. We produce all kind of animation : 3D, 2 D computer animation, drawing on paper, painting, etc.

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Poland | Dec 2008 | 8:00
Director: Maciej Sznabel
Story about change, devotion and what happens when you cross the thin line between friends.
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