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Kulturscio'k is a non profit ensamble founded in December 2007 by Alessia Siniscalchi and Ivana Messina with the intent to create a network, a link between artists from allover the world in order to create original works, readings, and multidisciplinary performances (dance, music, art).the intent is to aim collective work and to cooperate to research how the relation between human body and each one's personal or collective struggles can become artistic expression and creative necessity for the artist.kulturscio'k has a multidisciplinary approach to the art practice and works on performances in cooperation with architects and installation artists in order to have an impact on the envronment.our performance besides closed doors won teatri di vetro festival in 2008 and was dedicated to recreate an apartment of an ideal person in a specific neighborhoods order to explore social issues and social expression of the neighborhoods where the apt was located.cultural actions for kulturscio'k mem

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