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Film School Zlin

It became the first Czech school in history to offer post-A level film education starting in 1992. Since 1996, it has been running a 2-year higher education course and in 2004, a 3-year Bachelor’s Degree Study - most classic animation.

Short film credits



Czech Republic | 2009 | 7:00
Director: Marek Berger
Hlavní hrdina vytváří prostorové obrazy, jež vzápětí ožívají a stávají se skutečnými. Tím je trnem v oku místní policii, která ho vytrvale pronásleduj...
Image from Duhové sklíčko

Duhové sklíčko

Czech Republic | Oct 2008 | 3:01
Director: Šárka Stojanová
A little story about that, how to may change all the world thanks to only one look through rainbow slide


Czech Republic | Sep 2008 | 4:00
Director: Mitja Manček
Young boy has to draw a bear for his homework. He tries that on his computer but he is not satisfied with his drawings. He is nervous and he moves the...
Image from Repete


Czech Republic | Jun 2008 | 6:52
Director: Aleš Jána
In a house there lives a man, who every morning battles with the demon of alcohol. So far he's managing to win, but it's always a bit of a ... horror.


Czech Republic | Jun 2008 | 6:42
Director: Irena Gatej
Memories of peaceful picnic in nature is changed to nightmare dream or …

Alzheimerův Labyrint

Czech Republic | Jun 2008 | 9:00
Director: Tomáš Polenský
Labyrinth of Life, Old Age and Memories
Image from Epidemie


Czech Republic | Jun 2008 | 5:40
Director: Daniel Stanchev
Shitcats everywhere – that will kill us sometime!!!
Image from Přežít svou hru

Přežít svou hru

Czech Republic | Jun 2008 | 9:01
Director: Veronika Göttlichová
The world according to Tim Burton - A story about a small-big girl named Agnes who during the way to the death finds her way to the life.
Image from Ruce


Czech Republic | Jun 2008 | 5:00
Director: Adéla Šimová
What can happen if someone lends his hand to help someone else...


Czech Republic | Jun 2008 | 6:24
Director: Petr Janák
Sensual concept under the name of the poem by Charles Baudelaire – we believed that the soul is immortal, but its not true…
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Utíkající Srdce (Runaway Heart)
Zlínská polévka (Zlin Soup)
Jiro a Miu (Jiro and Miu)
Akvarium (Aquarium)
Nůžky (Scissors)
Gratulace (Congratulations)
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