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Бродячий кинобалаган

Nomadic film club – is a non-commercial journey of one film vagabond (guru) or a group of film vagabonds along the film routes. During the journey they gather, screen and shoot independent films. Cinema Gaff is a means of communication between independent filmmakers, film festivals and film societies. Film vagabonds represent the ideology that is free from political or religious doctrines. They stand for peace, love, ecology and personal freedom. Vagrant musicians and artists are also welcome. The route is based on the film festivals, film societies film cafes or just friendly invitations. Film vagabond moves on foot, hitchhiking, water-hitching, air-hitching, horse-drawn hitching, by bicycle, rowboats, sailboats or even air-balloons. Generally, gaff migrates to the Southern hemisphere, subtropical or equatorial climate countries in winter. In summer it returns to Lapland, Siberia and Northern countries.

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