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Line Up Shorts

Short Film Distribution Services based in the southwest of Spain.

Short film credits

Image from Nacho Calorro

Nacho Calorro

Spain | Apr 2014 | 19:55
Director: Emilio Sánchez Zaballos
Nacho is a 27 year old guy from Cordoba who has a physical disability of an 80% and has decided to become a professional boxer. However, he has a disa...
1 award
Image from Mi Vida es el Cine

Mi Vida es el Cine

Spain | Mar 2014 | 20:00
Directors: Bogdan Toma, Fernando Cayo
A film crew is trying to finish their feature film, but will be many troubles in the shooting and the tension rises up and there will be consequences....
1 award
Image from Pantallas de Cartón

Pantallas de Cartón

Spain | Mar 2014 | 10:36
Director: Eduardo Garteizgogeascoa
In a dehumanized world, two people find each other.
Image from Como Su Padre

Como Su Padre

Spain | Dec 2013 | 5:27
Director: Toni López Bautista
Felixin has pooped.
2 awards
Image from Mayoría Absoluta

Mayoría Absoluta

Spain | Dec 2013 | 3:33
Director: Bogdan Toma
An ambitious young politician is interviewed for a job in a world that is inaccessible for him. Although he puts all his desire and determination, a t...
Image from Una Vez Érase

Una Vez Érase

Spain | Nov 2013 | 10:31
Director: Esteban Magaz
A teacher costumed as Merlin reflects about the childhood with a group of children at the school costumed as a very popular fictional characters of ta...
Image from La Herencia

La Herencia

Spain | Oct 2013 | 10:00
Director: Juan De La Cruz
Spain, 1940. A police questioning a man tied to a chair. In the wake of the interrogation, the police found the son of man, and watch it disappear. Th...
Image from Durandal


Spain | Sep 2013 | 13:34
Director: Juan Manuel Romero Gárriz
A young couple in a park comes across a mysterious man who claims to be an expert falconer. The encounter will become a test for the young people, as ...
1 award
Image from Hogar, Hogar

Hogar, Hogar

Spain | Sep 2013 | 17:44
Director: Carlos Alonso Ojea
Bea and Alan live in a bunker. She wants to have a child. He does not. They manage to live as comfortable as they can, trying to understand each other...
7 awards
Image from Color Thief

Color Thief

Spain | Aug 2013 | 13:14
Director: Violeta Barca-Fontana
Lily, an old artist, while she paints what is probably her last and best picture, reflects on what it means to be an artist. When she realizes that sh...
2 awards
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Jornada de Puertas Abiertas (Open House)
Un Plan (A Plan)
(sin) Sexo (con) Sentido ((without) Sex (with) Sense)
Mi Miedo, Mía y un Beso (Mia)
El Ritmo en Sus Venas (The Rhythm in Her Veins)
¿Dónde están las llaves? (Where Are the Keys?)
Separata (Audition Piece)
Rabo de Toro (Bull's Tail)
Encarna Viva (Fresh Flesh)
Sucio por Fuera (Dirty on the Outside)
La Palabra (The Word)
La Alfombra Roja (The Red Carpet)
Despierta (Wake Up)
In Between
I Feel Lost
Arena Fértil (Fertile Sand)
Incómodo (Awkward)
Por la Flor de la Canela (For the Cinnamon Flower)
Carta a Sasha (Letter to Sasha)
Muertas de Asco (Sick Dead)
The End
Teta y Sopa (Teat and Soup)
2ºA (2A)
Peluquero Futbolero (Hooligan Hairdresser)
I Have a Story
Casa (Home)
Rött Hår | Svart (Red Haired | Black)
The Story of David Leonard Sutton
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