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il Luster Productions

We produce and distribute animation films, as well as manage the Animation Webshop. We are the largest producer of independent animation in the Netherlands.

Short film credits

Image from Variété


Netherlands | 2009 | 5:00
Director: Roelof van den Bergh
A young plate spinner starts his act by placing his parents on the revolving plate. He spins them around fast, balancing them high on top of the long ...
Image from Hard Boiled Chicken

Hard Boiled Chicken

Netherlands | Mar 2006 | 4:40
Director: Arjan Wilschut
A rooster detective and a dame in despair try to solve the case of the missing egg.
Image from Lost Cargo

Lost Cargo

Netherlands | Feb 2006
Directors: Pieter Engels, Efim Perlis
On his long journey, intergalactic space trucker Eugene occupies himself with mail-ordering various useless gadgets to support his lazy lifestyle. Whe...
Image from Teddy


Netherlands | Sep 2005 | 3:30
Director: André Bergs
In a busy city an old man can no longer catch up. He has his own slow pace, making it impossible for him to connect with anybody.
Image from Bek


Netherlands | Sep 2004 | 12:30
Director: Lucette Braune
A little girl is born with wings instead of arms and with a beak where a mouth should be.
Image from Vent


Netherlands | 2004 | 4:50
Director: Erik Van Schaaik
A man is struggling against a storm. When he suddenly meets a little girl, we discover that somebody is in control of the wind...
Image from The Story of the Kolobok

The Story of the Kolobok

Netherlands | Sep 2002 | 12:30
Director: James M. Boekbinder
As a humble bun runs away to avoid being eaten, it tumbles through the hands of a host of hungry characters in the modern Russian urban jungle.
Image from Aangeraakt door een Engel

Aangeraakt door een Engel

Netherlands | Apr 2001 | 11:47
Director: Beatrijs Hulskes
A woman puts on a hat to hide her bald head and memories of a painful period, filled with fear, doubt and hope, suddenly re-surface into reality.
Image from Barcode


Netherlands | 2001 | 8:00
Director: Adriaan Lokman
A roadmovie through an abstract virtual world. Travelling over and through landscapes the spectator is taken in a play of light and shade.
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