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Greece | May 2011 | 4:59
Director: Michalis Lygkiaris
Three burglars share their loot.
Image from Se Dyo Lepta

Se Dyo Lepta

Greece | Jul 2010 | 2:00
Director: Michalis Lygkiaris
A man realizes that he is late and starts running in order to make it on time.
Image from Eis Ygeian

Eis Ygeian

Greece | Apr 2010 | 6:26
Director: Michalis Lygkiaris
30/7/2023. The confession of a scientist.
Image from Asimantes Epiloges

Asimantes Epiloges

Greece | Mar 2010 | 4:04
Director: Michalis Lygkiaris
A man returns from work wondering which road he should follow on his way home.

I Diki

Greece | Dec 2009 | 7:35
Director: Michalis Lygkiaris
Man on trial for his behaviour on the planet. He is being adjudicated by a turtle, an olive tree, a mushroom and an amoeba.
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