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India | Aug 2014 | 4:23
Director: Krunal Palande
A man talks about a presence that haunts him in his house.
Image from Kid


United States | Dec 1993 | 14:00
Director: Ron Pereira
Confined to grandma’s house, Uncle George helps William make a break for it.
Image from Where Am I?

Where Am I?

Taiwan | May 2012 | 12:59
Director: Francois Rousseau
Bill wakes up, somewhere. EDI, his Experience/Data Interface helps him sift through his memories and other data to come to terms with where he finds h...


India | May 2015 | 7:49
Director: Anuraag Talpade
A small balloon seller girls dreams and desires to play and enjoy like other normal children but is forced to work by her parents.
Image from Company Policy

Company Policy

Taiwan | Mar 2010 | 24:12
Director: Mark Daniels
A man, devastated by the invasion and destruction of his homeland, clutches at a glimmer of hope when the invading government offers to lend an ear to...

One in Three

South Africa | Nov 2013 | 2:40
Director: Petrus Van Staden
Eve is a young woman who accepts an invite from an old friend with sinister intentions. James finally ends up raping her, and she survives at a terrib...

Очень Скучный Человек

Russia | Jun 2015 | 6:30
Director: Mikhail Safronov
A character lives a life free of action: a grey town, a grey office, a dull routine job. Still don’t be sad, there’s lot of wonderful things in the wo...

If Only I Could Fly

India | Nov 2013 | 34:00
Director: Mallik Ram
A modern day couple break each other down only to find out the love they have for each other.

Kanavugal Virpavan

India | Jan 2014 | 11:00
Director: Pushpanathan Arumugam
25 year old kid transforms dreams to 5 year old kid.
Image from The Arsehole Gene

The Arsehole Gene

United Kingdom | May 2013 | 13:33
Director: Eric Romero
A group of scientist had discovered that the vulgarly called 'arseholes' are actually suffering a genetic mutation that conditions their behaviour.
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