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Image from Fleuve Rouge, Song Hong

Fleuve Rouge, Song Hong

France | May 2012 | 14:52
Directors: Stéphanie Lansaque, François Leroy
Viet Nam. The early hours in Hanoi of three young brothers newly arrived from their native village. Around the Long Bien Bridge, link between city and...


Canada | May 2011 | 2:39
Director: Aparajita Ravichandran
In a surreal world of floating elephants and motherships, an elephant falls down onto unfamiliar land, and journeys back to where he belongs.

Povera Vecchina!!

Italy | Oct 2007 | 2:30
Director: Marco Del Frate
A little old lady walking down the street with a bag in his hand. A man known, goes to her and steals her bag.

Mala Xalê Min

Turkey | Feb 2014 | 6:20
Director: Şerif Polat
Welat says goodbye to his childhood as his mother and father begins to serve time in prison.

Elmayi Yemek

Turkey | Jun 2013 | 6:59
Director: Mert Güler
A shepherd grazes his sheep. He sees one big tree and sits in its shadow to rest. He wants to eat the apples of the tree. He is going to make effort t...
Image from Hoblio - The Path to Freedom

Hoblio - The Path to Freedom

Italy | Nov 2013 | 7:18
Director: Piero Tonin
A pilgrim carrying a heavy burden travels through a dark forest to a radiant valley. Along the way, he encounters four mysterious characters on his se...


Lithuania | Jul 2014 | 2:01
Director: Gediminas Tamulynas
A mushroom picker is going to the woods to pick some mushrooms. He can't find any shrooms fast, his patience begins to decline. Whats happens next sho...

Somewhere in the Night

Canada | May 2013 | 37:37
Director: Jeff James Monson
Adam returns from the oil fields to visit his old high school friends Michelle and David. After a night of partying they begin to drive home. But afte...
Image from The Challenge 2

The Challenge 2

Turkey | Sep 2013 | 3:40
Director: Aziz Cem
One day Cem meets his old opponent. It is a situation which is over for him, but not for his opponent. This old opponent and his friend brings Cem to ...
Image from To Die in Exile - Brutal Slaughter

To Die in Exile - Brutal Slaughter

Spain | Nov 2013 | 4:17
Director: Jonatan Fdez Manzorro
A pariah is in a foreign country, where he doesn't find his place and doesn't feel welcome.
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