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The Ring Cycle

United Kingdom | Aug 2013 | 13:10
Director: Erin Cramer
On the last day of her marriage, a woman is walking through London, trying to figure out what to do with her wedding ring.
Image from Reconciliación


Spain | Feb 2010 | 17:00
Director: Ádel Kháder
Two neighbours, an old Communist who has returned from exile, and a young businessman get trapped inside a lift on the night of 23rd February 1981.
Image from Company Policy

Company Policy

Taiwan | Mar 2010 | 24:12
Director: Mark Daniels
A man, devastated by the invasion and destruction of his homeland, clutches at a glimmer of hope when the invading government offers to lend an ear to...
Image from Overnight


Philippines | Jul 2013 | 18:44
Director: Eero Yves Francisco
A group of college seniors decides to celebrate their last day in college a night before their graduation day.

A Bit on the Side

United Kingdom | 2006 | 12:00
Director: Steve Sullivan
Tony is fixated with drills of all shapes and sizes. As he searches for drills to add to his ever-increasing collection, logic behind this strange and...


Turkey | Oct 2011 | 13:30
Director: Olgu Baran Kubilay
Ritually Uğur takes the same bus as every day. With his disability he's used to face the difficulties of every day life. Though this day he's going to...
Image from Даровете на влъхвите

Даровете на влъхвите

Bulgaria | Jun 2013 | 6:40
Director: Ivan Abadjiev
A poor dramatic young married couple deals with the challenge of buying Christmas gifts to each other with very little money.
Image from Journey Men

Journey Men

United Kingdom | Jul 2012 | 13:00
Director: Vee Vimolmal
Elsa is a bully and a nightmare to everyone around her. She also lives in a care home and suffers from dementia. While her son and daughter-in-law str...
Image from Snap


Belgium | Jul 2012 | 6:41
Director: Thomas G. Murphy
Underwater life is a challenge for little Snap until he meets an unlikely new friend. Together they discover a novel solution to his problem.


Finland | 2005 | 28:00
Director: Tatu Pohjavirta
A widowed father turns into a werewolf. His son has traded bodies with a lamb. A female doctor is the object of the father's desire...
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