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Image from Slepe Ruke

Slepe Ruke

Serbia | Jan 2010 | 4:09
Director: Aleksandra Acic
Digital hands caress the motionless human bodies.

Sein Kampf

Germany | Apr 2013 | 17:00
Director: Jakob Zapf
Boris, 15, wants to be a real skinhead. (At least what he thinks that is...) Today an old Jew who survived Auschwitz is coming to talk to them at scho...
Image from Denounced


United States | Jan 2012 | 33:00
Director: Joseph Petito
When a ruthless hit-man is 'denounced' from the mafia, his old enemies declare war.
Image from Stiletto


China | Jun 2012 | 15:00
Director: Philip Gostelow
While Ruthy is traveling on work, Max, her vulnerable, neurotic boyfriend, is alone in their apartment. Suspicious of her previous infidelities, he be...
Image from La Última Escena

La Última Escena

Chile | Oct 2013 | 19:00
Director: Mijael Bustos
Heine Mix (78), a notable playwright, lives his final days as a hermit, when he refuses to give up his beliefs after Pinochet’s dictatorship in Chile....
Image from Life is Infinite Return

Life is Infinite Return

Belarus | Jun 2010 | 7:00
Director: Alex Voitehovich
The endless repetition of life on the example of the believers (Catholics) of different ages in the Belarusian province.

Concrete Sleep

United Kingdom | May 2013 | 11:28
Director: George Haydock
A young aspiring rapper, an elderly lady, a lawyer, a young girl and a homeless man intimately explain their relationships to both cities and dreams.
Image from One Armed Man

One Armed Man

United States | Jan 2014 | 27:05
Director: Tim Guinee
A wealthy cotton gin executive is confronted by a disgruntled former employee demanding the return of an arm lost in the gins machinery.
Image from Betty B. & the The's

Betty B. & the The's

Germany | Nov 2009 | 13:00
Director: Felix Stienz
Gesasjens sahks Skrevidas, sekendes wries ohmz ehrne Wraaz. Iinsz kenzee Gabrabrwo ken dinzk sotruusk, ma mahk sen tu Trisk ma de abfterbeen... Ohmz s...
Image from Broken Road

Broken Road

Australia | Jan 2009 | 14:15
Director: Brodie Rocca
When David Morton and his two young daughters become stranded in the Australian outback, they are forced to confront the tensions between them.
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