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The Destroyer

United States | Dec 2014 | 10:30
Director: Lana Palmer
Miles and Dawn take a trip to the beach, and are visited by childhood memories.
Image from Autonomous


United Kingdom | Jan 2016 | 11:02
Director: George Varotsis
When a mistrustful rogue, who earns a living by sending “obsolete” humanoid robots to the scrap heap, has a change of heart and decides it's time to c...
Image from Toy Soldier

Toy Soldier

United States | Sep 2009 | 19:20
Director: Russell Whaley
A recovering heroin addict paints toy soldiers in order to distract himself from relapse and hopes to reunite with his father after five years.

The Cowboy

United States | Mar 2012 | 10:00
Director: David Lombroso
A hitchhiking cowboy with a guitar walks down a long and lonely road through the heartland, just trying to catch a ride.
Image from Pelvis


Australia | Mar 2011 | 7:15
Director: Anthony Bethell
Aaron, a landscaper, has a dream to make it big as an Elvis impersonator.


United States | Oct 2013 | 16:33
Director: Joshua Gallegos
A woman in an abusive relationship is helped by a stranger who happens to be in town to visit the grave of his departed daughter, he takes it upon him...


France | Apr 2005 | 4:00
Director: Édouard Salier
The Pax Americana takes care on our peace, ensures our comfort, guarantees our prosperity…
An idyllic postcard of the new Empire.
Image from The Inhabitant

The Inhabitant

United States | Sep 2012 | 27:00
Director: Michael Elder
A middle class young couple decides to buy a larger, but much older home. They soon find an old child's doll in a wall while renovating, but soon the ...
Image from Pigeon Men

Pigeon Men

Australia | Jan 2008 | 7:53
Director: Marryanne Christodoulou
A group of men obsessed with the sport of pigeon-flying take us into their strange world.
Image from The Washing Machine

The Washing Machine

United States | Feb 2014 | 10:38
Director: Lorenzo Pomari
Billy is a broke young man covered with debts and living in a shabby apartment. One day he discovers a magical washing machine in an old laundry room ...
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