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Image from Gone... But Not Forgotten

Gone... But Not Forgotten

United Kingdom | Dec 2008 | 3:00
Director: Laura Seymour
Music promo for composer Richard Anthony Jay capturing the essence of shared memories through photographs and footage of four different family stories
Image from Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue

Ireland | Nov 2008 | 9:20
Director: Michael Lavelle
A lonely man's life is strangely transformed when he discovers a magical television washed up on the beach.
Image from The Vampire

The Vampire

United Kingdom | Nov 2011 | 3:00
Director: Matthew Ferguson
A vampire awakes and heads out for a bite.
Image from Captured


Iran | Jul 2014 | 4:20
Director: Khashayar Rahimi
A curious man faces a stranger and a strange situation.
Image from D’Une Rare Crudite

D’Une Rare Crudite

France | Jun 2010 | 7:30
Directors: Emilien Davaud, Jéremy Mougel, Marion Szymczak
Plants struggle to survive in a strange garden.

Des plantes luttent pour la survie dans un étrange jardin.
7 awards


India | Sep 2012 | 3:46
Director: Rajendra Ray
A father treats plants same like his child. When his son was thirsty he gave him water to drink and in the same time he teaches his son to serve water...

Peter and the Wolf

United Kingdom | 2006 | 32:23
Director: Suzie Templeton
It's a wolf eats duck world, but it's a world where a courageous little boy (with help from a crazy bird and a dreamy duck) can catch the wolf.
Image from Release, We Also Care About Your Hair ...

Release, We Also Care About Your Hair ...

Austria | May 2011 | 2:00
Director: Harald Schwarz
A young woman with hair problems will be supported by a special agency.
Image from The Weightless Traveller

The Weightless Traveller

Canada | Sep 2010 | 15:50
Director: Eva Colmers
With no possessions to tie her down and a touch of magic to keep her going, young vagabond Bo is ready to take off – to the big city, desert, jungle....
Image from Kovbojsko


Slovakia | Jun 2015 | 4:46
Director: David Štumpf
According to the justice of the Wild West, thieves must be punished. But when the sheriff's horse breaks, and there is no-one to oversee justice, it's...
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