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Kenya | Apr 2013 | 3:16
Director: Tahir Karmali
A girl is trapped in the city.


France | 2004 | 4:55
Directors: Damien Ferrié, Thibaut Berland, Oury Atlan
Small fabric puppets find their creator lying on his bench, dead. They don't understand that he has died, and will try to live like everyday.
Image from La Vuelta

La Vuelta

Switzerland | Jul 2011 | 6:40
Director: Marius Portmann
Beim Wischen des Waschküchenbodens stösst ein alter Hausmeister auf Tanzspuren, die längst vergessene Gefühle in ihm wecken.

While cleaning the flo...

O Sapateiro

Portugal | May 2011 | 12:00
Directors: David Doutel, Vasco Sá
A shoemaker wrapped up in memories of his life and the demands of his job, experiences a crucial moment in his existence. An enormous day in his life ...
Image from The Origin of Love

The Origin of Love

United Kingdom | Jun 2012 | 12:26
Directors: HoiSun Kim, Chohyun Lim
A man and a woman were glued back to back and they are always together. However, love between the man and the woman rouse Zeus’s jealousy, and Zeus sp...
Image from Motodrom


Germany | Jan 2006 | 9:00
Director: Joerg Wagner
The world of the hell riders in their wooden barrel: men and motorbikes, speed and stunts, gasoline and adrenaline.


Russia | 2003 | 4:20
Director: Konstantin Bronzit
Even a god might have to reincarnate to get rid of a pesky fly.
Image from A Diamond Forms Under Pressure

A Diamond Forms Under Pressure

Ireland | Mar 2008 | 6:02
Director: Paul O Donoghue
An improvised electronic soundtrack drives proprietary software, which analyses the audio’s frequency content and generates a cogent synchronous image...
Image from Sur'e Sana

Sur'e Sana

Iran | Dec 1997 | 6:00
Director: Sassan Pesyan
Beyond the sky, clods twist round the pride mountain and shape a crystalline human. At the first he looks snobbishingly around. After a while, he scru...
Image from The Caketrope of Burton's Team

The Caketrope of Burton's Team

France | May 2012 | 1:40
Director: Alexandre Dubosc
A cake is animated by turning on itself.
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