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Image from Two Worlds

Two Worlds

United States | Apr 2015 | 7:35
Director: Andy Lefton
Snibb is stranded and lonely, but not by choice. He has been marooned on a desolate and barren planet where he struggles to utilize his weak and faili...
Image from Cinema: Future/Past

Cinema: Future/Past

India | Sep 2015 | 1:50
Director: Vijay Jodha
Special effects briefly transform a home video into a silent comedy short akin to the single-reelers from cinema’s past.


Australia | Apr 2015 | 12:00
Director: Cameron Brunt
Mitch is thrown into the world of crime and joins his older brother in a bank heist. Unprepared and alone, he has to learn how to survive in a very di...
Image from Lompa Mascagua

Lompa Mascagua

Mexico | Jan 2015 | 5:12
Director: José Hamett
A common day in the life of Lompa Mascagua, whose world tours around one of the greatest passions humanity has ever experienced: football.
Image from Boy Wander

Boy Wander

United States | Jan 2015 | 8:27
Director: Charles Jimenez
A lonely boy roams the streets of Queens.
Image from 17 Rue Fouad

17 Rue Fouad

France | Aug 2015 | 32:29
Director: Ahmed Nabil
During the Egyptian revolution, Edouard, an old shoe seller from Armenie, observes Alexandrie's inhabitants from his shop on Fouad Street.
Image from Pistol


Malaysia | Jun 2015 | 12:54
Director: V. Kumaran Sonof Vijayan
A pistol, which travels from one hand to another, chooses its own destiny. It has no mercy for the good or bad, it can kill anyone or save someone.
Image from Al Ataba

Al Ataba

Morocco | Jan 2015 | 23:02
Director: Allal El Alaoui
Moroccan family goes through hard moments of historical moments that have happened in Morocco.
Image from 3 Miniaturen aus dem Leben mit 47

3 Miniaturen aus dem Leben mit 47

Austria | Nov 2015 | 2:14
Director: Edith Stauber
Drei Begebenheiten aus dem Alltag:
Ein Ausflug, eine Migräneattacke und ein Nachmittag auf dem Sofa.
In wenigen, beinahe statischen Bildern entsteht...
Image from The Touch

The Touch

United Kingdom | Feb 2015 | 5:10
Director: Simon Pitts
Ryan returns from combat service in Afghanistan and seeks out an old friend.
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