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  • Date of completion: February 2011
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Image from Dove Sei, Amor Mio

Dove Sei, Amor Mio

Croatia | Feb 2011 | 10:30
Director: Veljko Popovic
Is the comfort of routine and the happiness it provides enough to keep us its slaves forever? A nice old lady is living a lonesome life, filled with s...

Snuffed After a Slow Drag

United States | Feb 2011 | 15:46
Director: Jesse Miksic
Perot, a 20-something Brooklynite, has gotten into a habit: every day at sunset, he sits beside a girl at the 69th Street pier in Brooklyn. He never i...

Poetry Slash No.1

Germany | Feb 2011 | 19:30
Director: Sascha Dornhöfer
Will be reported murders and other serious crimes from viewers or listeners perceived as harmless, if the murder is a extreme lovely child and the who...


United States | Feb 2011 | 4:30
Director: Vijay Kumar Madurai Chandrasekhar
A janitor has a bad day. A simple thing as a flickering bulb gives him a very hard time. How much can he take before he loses his cool?
Image from Chorabali


India | Feb 2011 | 15:45
Director: Prabal Sahu
A boy, Urdan, loves his best friend Diya in every bit of his life and feels the pain of fear, not to gain the untold love. In the crowd of million wor...
Image from Je Déteste

Je Déteste

Spain | Feb 2011 | 8:13
Director: Juan Manuel Aragón
Victor hates football, hates young people, hates tattoos, hates Ché Guevara t-shirts.
Victor is mad with the world. But, in fact, what is what Victor...
Image from Let There Be Animal

Let There Be Animal

United Kingdom | Feb 2011 | 7:30
Director: Anthony Zygavicius
A young man's morals are tested by the rough streets of London.
Image from Guru


United States | Feb 2011 | 24:10
Director: Jonathan Vanballenberghe
Peter is a charismatic motivational speaker who privately battles bipolar disorder.
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Image from Coffee and Pie

Coffee and Pie

United States | Feb 2011 | 15:03
Directors: Andrew Stoneham, Douglas Horn
A couple must come to terms with the fact that theirs is a love that could never be.
Image from Die Reise Zum E36

Die Reise Zum E36

Germany | Feb 2011 | 9:50
Director: Florian Behnsen
A strange planetoid has been detected, constantly accelerating through a star system - an expedition is sent out to catch up with the object and resea...
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