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  • Date of completion: June 2009
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Elétrico Jardim da Escuridão

Brazil | Jun 2009 | 10:00
Director: Mariana Campos Carvalho
A documentary video made with home images about the feeling of rejection and loss of beloved's love.

Vídeo documental feito com imagens caseiras so...
Image from Serum 1831

Serum 1831

Canada | Jun 2009 | 15:15
Director: Anand Kanna
When Robert Lee becomes the unsuspecting test subject of his own research project, he decides to exact a measure of revenge that is worth than death.


France | Jun 2009 | 9:50
Director: Thomas Lewis
Alice is a lonely 15-years-old girl. One night she sits alone in her room, yearning for someone to talk to, but her parents aren't home and all her fr...
Image from London: Fashion City

London: Fashion City

Austria | Jun 2009 | 9:40
Director: Tilman-Otto Wagner
A big variety of street fashion trends and styles from Camden and Soho are being juxtaposed with cultural and scientific settings of different art ins...

Home, Sweet Home

Taiwan | Jun 2009 | 3:32
Director: Hsin-Wei Chen
About existence and absence. Collecting the most clutter part to make identification. Accumulated massive details in stop motions. An old apartment in...
Image from The Eternal Pitfall of Prokofiev

The Eternal Pitfall of Prokofiev

United States | Jun 2009 | 13:00
Director: Patrick Clement
A Modern Man accidentally sells his soul to the devil and must outwit his to get it back.
Image from Os Restos do Dia

Os Restos do Dia

Portugal | Jun 2009 | 3:20
Director: Bruno Carnide
Os Restos do Dia.
Image from Woke Up Ugly

Woke Up Ugly

United States | Jun 2009 | 20:45
Director: Ryan Parker
Herbert Thibadeaux is changing. One day he wakes up malformed, the next he's too handsome for society to accept, but his transformations raise suspici...
Image from Spøkelset Martin

Spøkelset Martin

Norway | Jun 2009 | 25:39
Director: Aslak Danbolt
Martin Hasle (28) used to live in the fast lane and have lots of fun, but he doesn't do that anymore. Now he's working as a ghost.
Image from The Mouse That Soared

The Mouse That Soared

United States | Jun 2009 | 5:45
Director: Kyle Bell
You'll believe a mouse can fly.
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