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Germany | Jan 2009 | 23:00
Director: Jöns Jönsson
Pelle and Agneta – both about 60 years old – have moved to a small village on the Baltic Coast somewhere in South Sweden. Trying to cope with a lonely...
Image from Esas Oğlan Esas Kızla Tanışır

Esas Oğlan Esas Kızla Tanışır

Turkey | May 2009 | 14:20
Director: Derin Kivaner
How many different outcomes could the audience get if a girl and a boy try to meet? The boy could have to learn that the girl he's trying to meet is p...

Hiding Myself

Slovakia | 2009
Director: Michal Holý
Social phobia, mental disorder and autobiography.

Just Like the Others

Australia | 2009
Director: Jackie van Beek
Calvin lives in a council flat with his Mum, Grandma and two little brothers. He wants to fit in with the other kids on the estate but he can't afford...
Image from The Ruined Eye

The Ruined Eye

Finland | Jul 2009 | 47:00
Director: Nils-Erik Ekblom
John Remora is dissatisfied with the reality around him. As he sees it, people are mere motifs for the world he's creating. Using his camera he captur...
Image from An Ulaeka Alzina Rahalou

An Ulaeka Alzina Rahalou

Lebanon | Aug 2009 | 21:00
Director: Ali Hammoud
place, time, coincidence, destiny, young, beautiful, enthusiastic, good day, and then the blast...
This is a revisit to places through voices that tr...
Image from Up in the Attic

Up in the Attic

United States | Sep 2009 | 59:45
Director: Kamal Imani
In the early days of Hip Hop, some teenage young men in the New Jersey suburbs of New York City became very popular. There hangout was in the Attic of...

One Step Further

Germany | Jul 2009 | 5:48
Directors: Florian Kuhn, Robert Kellner
A policeman torn between his paternal love and his official duty.

The Turning Point

Bangladesh | Aug 2009 | 9:25
Director: Siddique Shonto
A young man comes back from a world of darkness and pain to the light.
Image from La Petite Lilia

La Petite Lilia

France | Apr 2009 | 30:00
Director: Reda Mustafa
A family gets toghether after the death of their youg girl named Lilia.
Thanks to a police officer, they have the name and the adress of the futur c...
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