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  • Date of completion: July 2007
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Belgium | Jul 2007 | 10:00
Director: Dominique Laroche
Two actresses are waiting for the result of a screen test. Times goes by and during hours they keep themselves busy and discuss about just everything.

Keith Reynolds Can't Make It Tonight

United Kingdom | Jul 2007 | 6:06
Director: Felix Massie
Keith Reynolds leaves his hat in his car. This isn’t the only mistake he makes today.
Image from Keith Reynolds Can't Make It Tonight


Romania | Jul 2007 | 14:00
Director: Paul Negoescu
On Crhistmas' Eve, a taxi driver takes home a man returning from working abroad.

Landscape of the Last Encounter

Greece | Jul 2007 | 14:21
Director: Christos Massalas
On a hot summer day, a woman witnesses the tranformation of a terrace into the landscape of her memory...
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Indonesia | Jul 2007 | 25:52
Director: Padly Dery Prananda
A story about a woman who did not want to carry out the mistake that her two times

Lucky Numbers

United Kingdom | Jul 2007 | 12:00
Directors: Pete Seaward, Garrick Hamm
Derrick loves to count. He loves to count everything.

He is convinced through his obsession with counting, that he can predict the winning Lottery ...
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Germany | Jul 2007 | 5:25
Director: Ahmet Tas
4 times a week 8 hours a day emigrants sing for an apple&ei.
Image from apple&ei

Die Liebe im Zeitalter ihrer technischen Reproduzierbarkeit

Love in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
Germany | Jul 2007 | 15:00
Director: Juan Facundo Veiga
Laura and Alex chat in a Café, but there is something strange in the atmosphere. During their dialog not just love will loose its Aura, but they also ...
Image from Die Liebe im Zeitalter ihrer technischen Reproduzierbarkeit


Australia | Jul 2007 | 6:30
Director: Brian Lien
Two strangers share a moment on a busy, evening commuter train.
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Crazy on the Rocks

India | Jul 2007 | 14:22
Director: Altaf Mazid
650,000 people of 116 villages, mostly of Bodo ethinc majority is taking a river home in Assam near Indu-Bhutan international border region.