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Turkey | 2008
Director: Firat Mancuhan
In 2007, two men killed 7 people on the road. This film tells the reality behind this story.

Ne Var Ki Avucunda

What is Left Back
Turkey | Nov 2011 | 11:39
Director: Erkmen Özbıçakçı
A ordinary drop transforms into sweat on the forehead of a hard working man. A drop can only transform into sweat on the forehead once it meets the ho...


The Colonel
Turkey | Dec 2011 | 14:27
Director: Alper Yılmaz
Hilmi is a retired colonel and he is passing retiring time with his wife in summer house.

My Life

Turkey | Dec 2009 | 18:20
Director: Ric Gibbs


Turkey | Jun 2011 | 3:55
Director: Onur Kulakoğlu
A man without name with another man without name and the last man without name won’t make any effort to stay alive tonight. You will just know a new p...
Image from Ma'füvv


Turkey | Jun 2009 | 12:31
Director: Ibrahim Ökmen
Actually why we are hoping something because we are doing something and then we are hoping that our moves shoulf affect positivley to our hopes.

Sevgiye Götüren Yumak

The Skein That Leads to Love
Turkey | Feb 2010 | 7:09
Director: Sefa Sürücü
Çocukların ellerine verilen oyuncaklar , ülkelerin kaderlerini belirler...


The Officer
Turkey | Mar 2011 | 17:57
Director: Mehmet Emin Yıldırım
Yavuz Parlayan; is an old civil officer who spent his last thirty years doing same things. In his monotonous life visiting neighbours once every two w...
Image from Memur

Su Çatlağını Buldu

Water Found its Cleft
Turkey | Nov 2011 | 15:05
Director: Uğur Egemen Ires
Meryem Arduç, 72, who lives in France, died in Sivas that she visits every year. The villagers take the woman's body and buries her with their own bel...
Image from Su Çatlağını Buldu

Bogazici'nin Sultanlari

The Sultans of the Bosphorus
Turkey | Jun 2008 | 15:00
Director: Muge Bayraktar
Considering the effects of globalization on culture, is the American Football played in Turkey a good example for cultural interaction?
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