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Ah Güzel Eftelya

The Beauty and the Six Suitors
Turkey | Jan 2013 | 12:52
Director: Emre Aluç
Eftelya is 30 years old, and and stilll single although she has many suitors.
Image from Ah Güzel Eftelya


Face Off
Turkey | Jan 2011 | 5:46
Director: Bulut Üstündağ
A woman thinks that she is hallucinating a man who is chasing her. She is trying to escape this dreamy situation.

Dedeler En Iyisini Bilir

Grandpas Know Best
Turkey | Mar 2012 | 20:00
Director: Nehir Tuna
When Ali's father hires a new secretary, she awakens desires in Ali that the shy 22 year old never knew he had. But working for his father, his mother...
Image from Dedeler En Iyisini Bilir


Turkey | Nov 2012 | 4:22
Director: Erol Çelik
The developing technology penetrate in our lives as fast as it imprisoned us.
Image from Gelecek!

Ali'nin Şişeleri

Loneliness for Three
Turkey | Jul 2012 | 20:00
Director: Murat Düzyol
Ali holds back his attention to father as he is distant from his son. The role of mother Asiye is important as a balance of Ali’s relation with his fa...


Turkey | Oct 2013 | 1:17
Director: Ömer Yavuz
Social pressures that people are exposed to in daily life are tried to be explained with nuts. The bowl represents various strata of society (neighbor...


Turkey | Jun 2011 | 3:55
Director: Onur Kulakoğlu
A man without name with another man without name and the last man without name won’t make any effort to stay alive tonight. You will just know a new p...
Image from Ma'füvv


Turkey | 2009
Director: Huseyin Bullut
A man, unaware of the damage he is having on the environment, cuts trees from the forest to produce paper to write about his feelings and then to thro...


Turkey | 2008
Director: Ozlem Akin
They were five and didn't want to 6e six...


The Soldier
Turkey | Dec 2011 | 13:00
Director: Murat Cetinkaya
The soldier is in shelter at his bulwark. He awaits the enemy on alert.
Image from Asker
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