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Image from La Herencia

La Herencia

Spain | Oct 2013 | 10:00
Director: Juan De La Cruz
Spain, 1940. A police questioning a man tied to a chair. In the wake of the interrogation, the police found the son of man, and watch it disappear. Th...

El Hijo del Taxidermista

Spain | Apr 2013 | 19:00
Director: Enrique Villalonga
After a long absence, the taxidermist's son returns to his family. The father, a person unstable and obsessed with God, recalls the tragic events that...
Image from Un Día en el Paraíso

Un Día en el Paraíso

Spain | Feb 2012 | 17:00
Director: José Ángel Alayón
Daniela works as a cleaning woman at the Hotel Paradise, a decadent luxury hotel on the coast of Tenerife. Harvey works in the same hotel, every day r...
Image from Light Story

Light Story

Spain | Dec 2009 | 3:44
Director: Marcos García - Ergüín
A lampost meets a fly
Image from Sombras en el Viento

Sombras en el Viento

Spain | Jan 2009 | 19:00
Director: Julia Guillen Creagh
Sue has to take care of her sick friend Johnsy and convince her that she won't die when the last leaf of an old vine falls off.
Image from Estereoscopía


Spain | Feb 2011 | 12:00
Director: Xacio Baño
Emilio lives on his own taking refuge in the anonymity of the city. One day on his way to work he is knocked down and he lost his left eyesight. The d...
Image from Hasta Siempre Hijo Mío

Hasta Siempre Hijo Mío

Spain | May 2013 | 10:00
Director: Manuel Martínez Marcos
We take a look at divorce and the hurt involved, through the impartial and reflexive eyes of 11-year old Hugo…

Tras los Visillos

Spain | 2008
Directors: Raúl López, Gregorio Muro
Martos quiere dejar atrás su turbio pasado, y se ha sometido a una operación de cirugía estética para cambiar su rostro. Pero su enfermiza paranoia le...

Longo Sendeiro de Pedra

Spain | Feb 2007 | 13:00
Director: Pablo Millan
Experimental visuals of stone.
1 award

Diente por ojo

Director: Eivin Holmboe
One night seven people are brought together through a chain of desperate events illustrating that in life - we do reap what we sow, and how nature has...
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