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Image from Paul + Ich

Paul + Ich

Germany | Jan 2011 | 3:40
Director: Hendrik Rost
One day, two friends get separated by a tragedy.

Ich Bin Kein Terrorist aber Irgendwie Schuldig

Germany | Nov 2011 | 27:22
Director: Salim Kara
Salim is a young man of Muslim faith. During a walk at the Brandenburger Gate
he is suddenly arrested by the police and taken away.

Der Anner im Himmel

Germany | 2009
Director: Philipp Hartmann
The nice Baden guy "der Anner" goes through hell and heaven just to realize that failure is relative.

Das Festmahl

Germany | 2009
Director: Wilko Varnholt
A young Man has a new Date with a unknown woman. In a pub he meet her, and later she presents herself as a vampire-Lady.
Image from Das Phallometer

Das Phallometer

Germany | Jun 2013 | 6:38
Director: Tor Iben
A refugee is taken into custody at an open border crossing. During the interrogation, he admits to being gay and is subjected to an absurd entry exami...


Germany | Mar 2011 | 5:46
Directors: Martin Groetzschel, Benjamin Manderbach
The dance, as a feeling of individuality is quickly threatened by the march of the masses. A barefoot dancer is about to discover his own dance and no...
Image from Brot


Germany | Aug 2011 | 18:10
Director: Ahmet Tas
Shortly after World War II an older married couple experiences an unusual night… a night that has yet to reveal how the war has affected the two of th...

Der Spiegel

Germany | 2007
Director: Keren Cytter
One shot describes the story of a woman who's waiting for a young man to save her from her loneliness. The camera is moving endlessly in the shape of ...
Image from Points of View

Points of View

Germany | Oct 2008 | 1:54
Director: Jessica Cheeseman
A little girl sees the world from a different angle. Much to the annoyance of her upright parents.
Image from Nasos Verbannung

Nasos Verbannung

Germany | Oct 2010 | 4:16
Director: Konradin Kunze
In a stadium in Rome Publius Ovidius Naso's journey into total solitude, his journey to the end of the world, begins. A mandatory salutation left out ...
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