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Iran | Aug 2013 | 14:00
Director: Ali Nikfar
A young carpanter decided to live in woods after he lost his wife in a car robbery as it was the only safe and calm place for him. But he went for rev...
Image from Apart


Canada | Jan 2010 | 7:30
Director: Richard Martin
A rain-washed liminal study. Scenes captured through a car windshield draw a tenuous connection to the world.
Image from Sin Título

Sin Título

Puerto Rico | Apr 2015 | 4:28
Director: Diego Luciano
She is obsessed with him, he belongs to her, only her. Her introverted mind goes on a trip.
Image from City of Lights

City of Lights

Netherlands | Jun 2007 | 4:36
Directors: Daan Verbiest, Teun van der Zalm
A city is growing from abstract to stylistic. The city is growing towards the future.


Ireland | Apr 2011 | 4:54
Director: Liam Upton
An artist searches for the perfect composition.
Image from Paperbox


Poland | Dec 2011 | 9:00
Director: Zbigniew Czapla
In May 2010, after record rainfall, flash flood broke embankments of the Vistula near Wilkow. Catastrophic flooding deprived thousands of people of al...
Image from We Are Illuminated

We Are Illuminated

Australia | Nov 2010 | 13:00
Director: William Head
Night is bright in the city

Automotive Action Painting (Car Painting)

United Kingdom | 2007 | 6:00
Director: George Barber
A man arrives in a van by the side of a road. He takes out various pots of paint and starts to throw colour on the road. Understandably, motorists avo...
Image from Truck


Canada | Apr 2014 | 12:00
Director: Richard Martin
An aging junkie (the filmmaker's uncle) reflects upon the glories of smack, his rebel/criminal past, and getting 'clean'.


Italy | Nov 2008 | 11:00
Directors: Mauro Carlo Baldini, Matteo Giovanelli
The vital prospective of a child through the memory of her mother. This expectation is introduced, alimented and described by lived and desire of livi...
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