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India | Jan 2016 | 16:56
Director: Fenil Patel
A little girl Roshni is seeking an answer for her brothers absence since the last riots for religion which her own father had plotted. She has been ke...
Image from סיפור פעוט

סיפור פעוט

Israel | Jun 2013 | 8:48
Director: Mizmor Watzman
Outside a small house nestled among mountains, a little girl named Lali happily plays. An autumn breeze brings death with it. Lali, curious and innoce...
Image from Zvezda David

Zvezda David

Ukraine | May 2016 | 16:03
Director: Eugene Koshin
12-year-old Dinka goes to a conservative Jewish school. She falls head-over-heels in love with the actor David Travis and decides to marry him.
Image from Yemanjá - Mãe dos Pescadores

Yemanjá - Mãe dos Pescadores

Brazil | Jun 2013 | 15:00
Director: Jon Lewis
Every year on the last Sunday of January, the fishermen of Rio Vermelho in Salvador, a city in the north-eastern state of Bahia in Brazil, pay homage ...
Image from Ahasin Polawata

Ahasin Polawata

Sri Lanka | May 2013 | 20:00
Director: Senal Dharmasiri
Being one of the main provinces that stabalizes the national paddy and cocnut plantation in srilanka, The waymba provine (Sath Koralaya) is considered...
Image from Psychic Sue

Psychic Sue

Ireland | Aug 2013 | 12:49
Director: Dave Lojek
A fraudster psychic is visited by a real ghost in her Dublin séance, so she needs to find a real medium as well.
Image from A Day in Eden

A Day in Eden

United States | Feb 2014 | 10:57
Director: Assal Ghawami
Yuri, a permanent resident at Eden Nursing Home is rebelling against the humiliating treatment by the nurses. His last bit of dignity seems lost, when...
Image from Communication


New Zealand | Jan 2010 | 19:06
Director: Christopher Banks
An Orthodox Jewish student unexpectedly inherits the estate of his estranged mentor, and discovers a painful truth about their final days together.


United States | Aug 2009 | 10:02
Director: Vaasu Vaasu
In re-incarnation, energy can be neither created, nor destroyed, only transferred.
Image from Love Bombing

Love Bombing

United Kingdom | Sep 2008 | 6:35
Director: Philip Lepherd
Four friends discuss cult-recruitment techniques over dinner. Three of them know an awful lot about the subject.
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