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Image from Tabu


Belgium | 2010 | 25:00
Directors: Vincent Coen, Jean-Julien Collette
An American couple, Frank and Cathy, take their lovesick son, Julian, on a trip to Ghent to discover his Belgian roots. When Julian meets the love of ...
Image from The Magical Porno Theater

The Magical Porno Theater

Netherlands | May 2009 | 3:00
Director: Jovanna Tosello
A x-rated venue develops magical powers.
Image from La Competitiva

La Competitiva

Spain | Jun 2009 | 20:00
Directors: Adriana Delfino, Hernán Cieza
Dos peculiares trabajadores de una desvencijada fábrica de "caganers" exprimen al máximo su creatividad con objeto de deslumbrar a la camarera que les...
Image from Berf


Turkey | Jan 2010 | 20:00
Director: Erol Mintaş
Sanem lives with her son Ahmet and granddaughter in a small village of Ağrı. One day, Ahmet brings bad news. Sanem falls into an eternal mourning with...

Black Red Yellow

United States | Jan 2011 | 19:40
Directors: Andrew Abrahamson, Erik Cardona
Opposites attract when blue and white collar criminals, Gary Reed and Jeff Lazinsky, meet for the first time. Thick as thieves, the two must find a wa...


Denmark | Jun 2010 | 4:31
Director: Daniel Sejr Naderi
A film director who wants to control his surroundings finds what he needs in filmmaking.
Image from Arsy-Versy


Slovakia | Sep 2009 | 23:23
Director: Miro Remo
A man conqueres the world upside down.

Hennes Svarta Vingar

Sweden | Jan 2013 | 28:30
Director: Martin Åhlin
One day Mikael finds a beautiful and naked woman passed out outside on his meadow. This woman seems to have fallen from the sky.
Image from Bulles


France | Feb 2007 | 12:44
Director: Damien Montaron
A little creature is going to find a way to escape and possibly to save his eyes-less fellows.
Image from Crackle and Space

Crackle and Space

United States | Dec 2008 | 13:06
Director: Christopher J Ewing
Dealing with the loss of a child, horrific nightmares and a crumbling marriage, Emily must decide to reassemble the shattered pieces of her life.
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