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Image from At the Formal

At the Formal

Australia | Sep 2010 | 7:44
Director: Andrew Kavanagh
Graduating year 12 students in formal attire, their parents and teachers, mill around the grounds and car park of a hall in the twilight. At first gla...
Image from Matter Fisher

Matter Fisher

United Kingdom | Jun 2010 | 7:25
Director: David Prosser
On a serendipitous journey, a lone fisher is united with a form of estranged matter.
Image from The Real Girl's Guide to Everything Else

The Real Girl's Guide to Everything Else

United States | Feb 2010 | 34:35
Director: Heather De Michele
A journalist, nearly dropped by her agent because her work is too smart, political, lesbian and feminist, goes undercover as a glitter-wearing, shoe-o...
2 awards
Image from Kovbojsko


Slovakia | Jun 2015 | 4:46
Director: David Štumpf
According to the justice of the Wild West, thieves must be punished. But when the sheriff's horse breaks, and there is no-one to oversee justice, it's...

La Malédiction du Colt Jaune

France | Aug 2012 | 55:20
Director: David Mizera
In the deep backcountry, a self-proclaimed Sheriff persecutes its people. One day, a redneck finds a gun and decides to end this.
Image from Mai così...vicini

Mai così...vicini

Italy | Jan 2010 | 12:40
Director: Emanuele Ruggiero
Jeanne and Frances are two friends who share a nice apartment in the center of a small town in northern Italy. They are young, pretty, have a great jo...
14 awards
Image from Rött Hår | Svart

Rött Hår | Svart

Spain | Jan 2011 | 3:45
Directors: Alfonso Díaz, Luis Ángel Pérez
Events like this happen one between millions births. Francisco José is the lost link of melanin.
3 awards
Image from Polong


United States | May 2013 | 2:32
Director: Mark Reynolds
Man vs. Bottle. Like he ever had a chance. A man's resolve is tested in the face of a bottle of whiskey that proves more, well, animated than most.
Image from Il Lucchetto

Il Lucchetto

Italy | May 2011 | 3:00
Director: Ettore Nicoletti
When you think you found the perfect lover, when you seal your love to the universe, what’s next? The perfect love scenario, and a padlock.
7 awards
Image from Points of View

Points of View

Germany | Oct 2008 | 1:54
Director: Jessica Cheeseman
A little girl sees the world from a different angle. Much to the annoyance of her upright parents.
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