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Image from Em Terra Frágil

Em Terra Frágil

Portugal | Jun 2011 | 9:41
Director: Bruno Carnide
A mother is forced to leave her daughter due to a hidden defect of the husband.
Image from Kranz


Poland | Jun 2013 | 21:15
Directors: Karol Mrozinski, Grzegorz Radomski
A young girl named Alice ditches her abusive boyfriend and meets a mysterious stranger at a party who turns out to be an occult artist looking for a r...


Russia | Mar 2012 | 15:00
Director: Vera Kokareva
A writer has lost his inspiration and has to do a long way to find it again.
Image from L'ora blu - Blaue Stunde

L'ora blu - Blaue Stunde

Switzerland | Mar 2011 | 5:30
Director: Davide Crivelli
Harry and Isabel, young couple, go to a concert that takes place in a small theatre. On stage there’s a musician playing the prelude of the Cello Suit...

The Ring Cycle

United Kingdom | Aug 2013 | 13:10
Director: Erin Cramer
On the last day of her marriage, a woman is walking through London, trying to figure out what to do with her wedding ring.

French It Up!

France | Feb 2014 | 26:30
Directors: Sabrina B. Karine, Alice Vial
Louisa's Parisian life is disrupted by her little sister's arrival. Indeed, Olivia brings back in her luggages the memory of their childhood in Englan...

This Time of Year

United Kingdom | Jul 2010 | 15:00
Director: David Schofield
After a wasted life consumed by alcohol Jacob drifts through Christmas Eve in his local pub, searching for joys long gone.
Image from To Leave or Not to Leave

To Leave or Not to Leave

Australia | Feb 2013 | 11:33
Director: Rachel Jordan
Jada works laboriously in an office, wishing to be at the beach or anywhere else. Far away from the mindless buzz of workstations, incessant laughter ...


United States | Jun 2016 | 9:30
Director: Whitney Stephenson
In a world where Dreams connect, a by the book Dream Watchman has his routine life interrupted when an inquisitive little girl escapes her dream.

Ciò Dubbi

Italy | Apr 2011 | 2:55
Directors: Michele Tarzia, Vincenzo Vecchio
Quanto conta un parere soggettivo di un operaio pentito sulla storia delle fabbriche? Quanto spazio ha per esprimersi? Un piccolo riquadro bianco dove...
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