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Et on Mangera des Fleurs (Pieds nus sur des Orties)

France | Jul 2014 | 24:45
Director: Loïc Paillard
Léa doesn't understand how people can love in a normal way. Crazy about love stories, she decides to make up her own. Ben, accepts, in the name of lov...

Redescopera Romania Pusca si Cureaua Lata

Romania | Feb 2011 | 2:24
Director: Madalina Elena Mateciuc
Friends.Traditions.Pusca si Cureaua Lata..
Image from Reconciliación


Spain | Feb 2010 | 17:00
Director: Ádel Kháder
Two neighbours, an old Communist who has returned from exile, and a young businessman get trapped inside a lift on the night of 23rd February 1981.

To Adynamo Fylo

Greece | Dec 2011 | 3:43
Director: Fotis Velentzas
Five different types of men are waiting outside a doctor's office. A woman caught their attention.
Image from 神秘鸡饭


Malaysia | Oct 2008 | 17:50
Director: Edmund Yeo
Why chicken and rice is always nice
Image from Tiny Miny Magic

Tiny Miny Magic

United States | Jun 2011 | 7:45
Director: Danielle Lurie
When Sam leaves a present for her postman in her mailbox, she is delighted when he leaves her a present back and a romance blossoms between them.
Image from Lobster Club

Lobster Club

United Kingdom | Nov 2009 | 6:17
Director: Milo Waterfield
A travelogue of a sex tourist in a land somewhere beyond the sea
Image from This Is What Happened

This Is What Happened

United States | Dec 2012 | 5:58
Directors: Alex Zajicek, Hao-Yu Wang
Two friends try and remember who ate the last slice of pizza.
Image from Like, You, See

Like, You, See

Belgium | Jun 2003 | 5:22
Director: Evelien Hoedekie
An erotic film about a man in a jazzy bar that loses control over his psychedellic fantasy each time the sexy waitress serves him another red spicy dr...


United States | Jun 2011 | 20:27
Director: Jack Deflorin
Tommy "Two Eyes" is a comically old fashioned criminal who discovers that moon dust is highly addictive drug (cocainine) with one unfortunate side eff...
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