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Psycho Susie

Canada | Apr 2010 | 5:58
Director: Eric Myles
He past comes back to haunt a self-centered man. But he is just one player caught in this tangled web of intrigue. When the bullets stop flying and th...

The Hipster View

Malaysia | Sep 2011 | 11:41
Director: Bradley Liew
The Hipster Culture seems to have hit youth on a truly international level regardless of race, nationality or religion.


Belgium | Sep 2010 | 14:15
Director: Nicolas Daenens
A 27-year old young man is walking through a busy shopping street. He is clearly fed up with people harassing him in the street.

The Cow who Wanted to be a Hamburger

United States | Jan 2010 | 5:50
Director: Bill Plympton
"The Cow Who Wanted to be a Hamburger" is a childrens' fable about the power of advertising, the meaning of life, and ultimately, the test of a mother...
Image from A l'Amiable

A l'Amiable

France | May 2014 | 11:56
Director: Rémy Cayuela
In the darkness of their living room Guillaume and Caroline are fighting for their common goods, splitting them with a dice game. All their goods... I...
Image from Uerra


Italy | Sep 2009 | 15:30
Director: Paolo Sassanelli
Italy summer of 1946. Paolo hopes to receive his pension from the trade unions. Luigi reminds him of his Fascist past. Their discussion becomes heated...
25 awards
Image from Ciemnego pokoju nie trzeba sie bac

Ciemnego pokoju nie trzeba sie bac

Poland | Sep 2009 | 35:00
Director: Kuba Czekaj
An eleven year old girl named Lata has unlimited love for her father. A little girl, Lata prepares the song for school theater show, on upcoming Fathe...
Image from D.E.A.L.


Netherlands | Dec 2013 | 28:20
Director: Fedde Hoekstra
Tjalling, a 16 year old technician, is reluctant for his first day as an intern at a windfarm. His supervisors are making fun of him but at the end of...
Image from Attackazoids, Deploy!!

Attackazoids, Deploy!!

United States | Jul 2009 | 4:16
Director: Brian Lonano
War is declared on the off world settlement! Everyone from suburban homemakers to super scientists are uniting to deploy an army of the giant killer r...
Image from Free Camping

Free Camping

Greece | Mar 2013 | 14:50
Directors: Konstantinos Topalis, Vaya Danielidou
A young Greek couple, Mimis and Theano, is living in Europe. A young Greek couple, Mimis and Theano, is working in the Netherlands. A young Greek coup...
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