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The Charon Incident

Canada | Jul 2012 | 19:46
Director: Allan Wylie
A private fixer is stationed in England, set to complete his final assignment.
Image from 仁

Hong Kong | Oct 2013 | 8:42
Director: Maisy Choi
Five coal miners are trapped for 176 hours after an explosion in the mine. Sha Zi is a naïve and large-hearted young man who saves the lives of his fo...

Charles et Moi, Arsène

France | Oct 2011 | 11:45
Director: David Stanislaw Prudhomme
Charles suffered a panic attack in a subway station three years ago. Since then, he is agoraphobic and rarely comes out of his home. His dailylife, he...
Image from Sleep


United Kingdom | Sep 2012 | 8:04
Director: Sophia Gibber
Sleep affects every moment of our daily and nightly life; and yet, half the time we aren’t aware of this.


United States | Oct 2011 | 5:55
Director: Ken Hirose
An older man comes back from his weekly trip to the market. It is quickly evident that he has a unique perspective of the world around him; one that a...
Image from The Portwine Stain

The Portwine Stain

United Kingdom | Aug 2009 | 11:05
Director: Mick Foley
Ex-punk rocker Dave has a severe port wine stain on his face. His only way to attract attention is by telling whopping lies or awful jokes. Trying to ...
Image from A Hawk Once Told Me

A Hawk Once Told Me

United States | Aug 2013 | 12:00
Director: Michael Johnathan Ruiz-Unger
A young boy becomes obsessed with the idea of flying when his mother passes away. His only salvation comes from a mystical hawk he befriends.
Image from Sathpurusha


Sri Lanka | Nov 2011 | 4:52
Director: Senal Dharmasiri
Hashan Warnakulasooriya and Amila Kobbakaduwa used to be friends since their childhood. They both (Amila and Hashan) develop a crush on Shanika Hapuga...

The Apartment at Night

United States | Feb 2013 | 12:25
Director: Peter Campbell
A hitman and the man he is about to kill have a conversation when the hit doesn't happen quite as quickly as expected.

Half-Board Heaven

Greece | Apr 2012 | 10:23
Director: George Ktistakis
A big-shot, dirty, lawyer receives a card for a business meeting. He arrives at the meeting point, a warehouse, specially decorated as an office where...
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