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Image from Forventninger


Norway | Jul 2009 | 15:00
Director: Torfinn Iversen
On a national holiday, a little boy wants to go see the parade with his mother.

Porte Aperte

Italy | Apr 2009 | 15:00
Director: Alessandro Del Bianco
Relationship changes people, and they can result diverse in different relationships.
2 awards
Image from Hmilhama Hashnia

Hmilhama Hashnia

Israel | Oct 2008 | 43:00
Director: Tamar Glezerman
A tale of Tel-Aviv during the second Lebanon war.

Yüksek Daha Yüksek

Turkey | Sep 2012 | 3:16
Director: Zeynep Özge Kalyoncu
One day, a company build highest skyscrapers all around the world.
Image from Privkus


Norway | Jan 2000 | 15:00
Director: Dimitri Lurie
The metaphysics of Petrograd make a stranger, living in its labyrinths, to sense the Aftertaste of being.

A Message from Fallujah

Australia | 2005 | 15:00
Director: Richard Gibson
Daniel Crane, a civil engineer working to rebuild war-torn Iraq, is kidnapped on his last day in Fallujah. He finds himself beaten and alone, a hostag...
Image from Electric Indigo

Electric Indigo

Belgium | Apr 2013 | 24:00
Director: Jean-Julien Collette
Indigo, a girl with a rather unusual route, mentally recalls her life from her birth till the event which led her to emancipate. She grew up in a fami...
14 awards
Image from White Way, a Life Experience

White Way, a Life Experience

Switzerland | Mar 2010 | 33:00
Director: Alberto Veronese
Experimented riders Sam and JP have a passion: free-ride. Looking to find some sense in his life, Sam is helped by JP to discover faith in God.
Image from Rags to Rubies

Rags to Rubies

United States | May 2010 | 20:00
Director: Jason Ponic
A young cobbler, David, heads to the big city in a vain attempt to raise the money he needs to save his grandfather's farm from foreclosure.
Image from Goodbye Shanghai

Goodbye Shanghai

China | Jun 2010 | 12:00
Director: Adam Christian Clark
After embezzling $14 billion for the US Government, two Western bankers must survive one last night in Shanghai.
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