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Image from Clemency


United States | Oct 2009 | 18:08
Director: Joseph Albanese
A reporter confronts a sadistic killer who takes her on a terrifying thrill ride she will never forget.
15 awards
Image from Mano De Dios

Mano De Dios

Luxembourg | Oct 2010 | 15:24
Director: Adolf El Assal
An Argentinean immigrant living illegally for nearly half his life in Luxembourg must struggle daily for survival.

Deseos Encontrados

Peru | Dec 2012 | 11:33
Director: Sergio Guerra
Natalia, a young girl from Lima, is in love with Jimena, her best friend, who that night tries to be with Adrian, but it didn’t happened. Hours later,...

Some Jobs Are Simple

United States | Feb 2010 | 13:50
Director: Jim Evans
A desperate woman in need of quick cash hires a seasoned criminal to pull off what he believes to be a simple job.

The Drop

Australia | Jan 2005 | 6:50
Director: Damian McLindon
Mr Sturge has a plan... get the cash, get the girl, and get away with his life.

West Bank Story

United States | 2004 | 22:00
Director: Ari Sandel
A musical comedy about David, an Israeli soldier, and Fatima, a Palestinian fast food cashier - an unlikely couple who fall in love amidst the animosi...
Image from An Encounter in the Wilderness

An Encounter in the Wilderness

Singapore | Mar 2015 | 12:00
Director: Tagore Almeida
Little Joshua is lost in a forest on a stormy night. Frightened and desperately seeking to find his way back into civilization, he finds two other hum...


Turkey | Jan 2012 | 8:28
Director: Koray Sevindi
The attendant in the Society for the Protection of Children realizes that every morning one loaf of bread is missing in the storeroom. First, he think...


China | Jun 2016 | 15:00
Director: Komaki Teng
A female private detective is visited by a man searching for his lost lover. The only clue is a letter. She coldly asks the man to leave, but after th...
Image from Robokrolik


Russia | Jul 2013 | 8:37
Director: Sergey Tsyss
RoboRabbit is a little hero of a big family quarrel.
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