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Image from The Fight

The Fight

Ireland | Jul 2014 | 13:00
Director: Keith Mannix
Beneath the frenzy of cockfighting in the Philippines is the curious relationship between the Filipino man, and his treasured idol whom he sends to ba...
Image from La Alfombra Roja

La Alfombra Roja

Spain | Jan 2013 | 11:45
Directors: Iosu López, Manuel Fernández
158 million people live in Indian slums under very extreme insalubrity. Millions of children play sourronded by rubish, cows, rats and excrements. Gar...
16 awards
Image from Sven


Germany | Sep 2012 | 4:58
Director: Sally Lalla
Sven, a man with down syndrome is very passionate about his hobbies. His creativity and simplicity makes him and others around happy.

Travis Pastrana – Driven

Director: Leandro HBL
Travis Pastrana is the World’s Best Freestyle Motocross Rider, on a quest to achieve the same success in the rally circuit.
Image from Wind and Thunder

Wind and Thunder

Germany | May 2011 | 17:01
Director: Reinhard Bock
Koshu drives from his home in Tsunashima near Yokohama to Yoga where his tennis club is situated and he tells us a bit about the Tokyo region he lives...

Future of India

India | 2008 | 3:00
Director: Akhil Sutaria
Khata Aabma is a small village in Vansda Taluka of Navsari District in Gujarat State of India. There is a primary school. Children of daily waged labo...
Image from A City Symphony Underground

A City Symphony Underground

United States | Jan 2011 | 12:42
Director: Catherine Stratton
The New York City Subway is over 100 years old but it continues to do what it has always done; take people where they want to go. Yet, the ride is alw...
1 award
Image from 蘭舞


Taiwan | Jun 2013 | 28:44
Director: Hsu Li-Fu
To the average age of 10-16 year-olds, "like" and "love" are such hard words to express. But for those learning dancing in Lan Yang Dancers Troupe, ch...

The Scottish Parliament - Following the Ghost Road

United Kingdom | Oct 2007 | 35:00
Director: Robin Mitchell
Adam Lyal (a pale-faced ghost) has stood in three consecutive Scottish Parliamentary Elections. This documentary follows his progress to Election Day


Croatia | Jan 2013 | 29:53
Director: Davor Borić
Andrej Macko is a man whose artistic outlook was shaped by his life experience of participation in the civil war and the postwar disillusionment in th...
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