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Image from Colorful EU

Colorful EU

Hungary | Sep 2006 | 1:21
Director: Peter Vadocz
As you walking on the streets, the flags of EU-countries are come into sight anything you just look at. The colorful EU is around us.

The Ballad of Mary Slade

United Kingdom | 2006 | 3:00
Director: Robin Fuller
a tale of gothic tragedy told from an unusual point of view. Following the death of a young woman, the events surrounding her death slowly come to lig...
Image from La Competitiva

La Competitiva

Spain | Jun 2009 | 20:00
Directors: Adriana Delfino, Hernán Cieza
Dos peculiares trabajadores de una desvencijada fábrica de "caganers" exprimen al máximo su creatividad con objeto de deslumbrar a la camarera que les...

The Separation

United Kingdom | 2003 | 10:00
Director: Robert Morgan
A dark tale about the separation of conjoined twins.
Image from Mobile Postcards

Mobile Postcards

Italy | Aug 2008 | 3:40
Director: Peter Vadocz
A set of photos of summer holidays and travelling around.


Hungary | 2004 | 7:00
Director: Ferenc Cakó
Our hero is going to have a date, so like all of us he is very excited.

Le Carrousel Atomique

Switzerland | Jun 2011 | 17:54
Director: Xavier Ducry
An old blackboard narrates the story of Little Manfred and his obsession with carousels. Little Man also has a problem - when he is shouted at, he gro...
Image from Utíkající Srdce

Utíkající Srdce

Czech Republic | Oct 2007 | 3:31
Director: Adéla Šimová
If the heart is running away there's no other possibility than to chase it and hopefully catch it.
Image from Bishtprera


Albania | Dec 2007 | 10:00
Director: Gjin Varfi
In a foxes forest, something funny happened. The banal incident of the foxtail changes all the sincer relationship among foxes.
Image from Against the Grain

Against the Grain

United Kingdom | Jan 2010 | 4:43
Director: Ian Bell
The texture and qualities of standard 8mm film are investigated and manipulated through etching and colouring of unexposed stock edited to music.
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