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Image from La Maison en Petits Cubes

La Maison en Petits Cubes

Japan | 2008 | 12:03
Director: Kunio Kato
The house is almost like "blocks". A grandpa who lived in the house has been constantly building houses on top, as the water level rises. This is the ...
Image from Five Six Seven Eight!

Five Six Seven Eight!

United Kingdom | Jan 2012 | 9:45
Director: Felipe Bustos Sierra
After failing to talk to the pretty volunteer, a young man overcompensates by starting off a chain reaction of events to catch her eye.
Image from Sukkavartaankatu 8

Sukkavartaankatu 8

Finland | Jun 2013 | 6:30
Director: Elli Vuorinen
She keeps finding tiny socks. Now, whose feet are feeling cold?
Image from Fantasmagorie 2008

Fantasmagorie 2008

Serbia | Apr 2008 | 8:30
Director: Rastko Ćirić
Hommage to the Emile Cohl's first cartoon film Fantasmagorie, made in 1908.

Devochka Dura

Russia | 2006 | 6:50
Director: Zojya Kireeva
Ordinary love by no ordinary girl.
Image from Moj Put

Moj Put

Croatia | Jan 2010 | 6:40
Directors: Svjetlan Junakovic, Veljko Popovic
A boy gets his first pair of shoes. During his life he will change a lot of shoes, but in each pair there will be an invisible pebble.

Der Beste

Germany | 2004 | 15:00
Directors: Rasmus Borowski, Arne Jysch
An old man gets an assignment from a mystical woman who lives in a castle out in the countryside. It will be one of his strangest assignments yet... i...


United States | 2000 | 9:00
Director: Don Hertzfeldt
In the spring of 1999, the Family Learning Channel commissioned animator Don Hertzfeldt to produce promotional segments for their network. The cartoon...
Image from Goed Nieuws

Goed Nieuws

Belgium | Feb 2010 | 28:42
Directors: Kris Mergan, Geert Vandenbroele
Lion "Elvis" Angel crashes to the deepest point one can get, the inside of the earth. Only by leaving everything behind, he finds out what's left.

La Noche Pintaba Bien

Spain | Jun 2007 | 1:55
Director: Juan Carrascal
The night drew us. The moon was round and big. There was a house party.And suddenly PUM, the lights went off.
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