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Image from Dreams and Desires - Family Ties

Dreams and Desires - Family Ties

United Kingdom | 2006 | 9:55
Director: Joanna Quinn
On acquiring a new digital video camera, Beryl becomes obsessed with the filmmaking process, using it to articulate her dreams and desires in a video ...

Raccoon and Crawfish

United States | Mar 2007 | 7:30
Directors: Mark Edwards, Peter Hale, Heather Carpini, Shaun Foster, Karabo Legwaila, Cal Waller
''Raccoon & Crawfish'' uses modern technology to tell an ancient Oneida Indian legend that has been passed down through countless generations of story...

The Man Who Slept

France | 2009 | 11:43
Director: Ines Sedan
A young woman is married to a man who is constantly sleeping. Having him near gives her a feeling of security and reassurance. She is a prisoner to he...
Image from Clouds Fly West

Clouds Fly West

Bulgaria | Dec 2009 | 22:30
Director: Vesselin Cholakov
A man in an unknown city, with no friend to talk with, has nothing to do for a living but to play an accordion.

Dell'Ammazzare il Maiale

Italy | Nov 2011 | 6:20
Director: Simone Massi
While the pig is being dragged out from the sty he has the chance to see the sky.

Dziwna Jazda

Poland | Sep 2012 | 5:07
Director: Justyna Antczak
A girl leaves a calm park and rides by bike to the city.
Image from Drunker Than a Skunk

Drunker Than a Skunk

United States | Mar 2013 | 3:30
Director: Bill Plympton
A cowboy town torments the local drunk.
Image from Do it Yourself

Do it Yourself

Belgium | Jun 2007 | 12:55
Director: Eric Ledune
“If you don’ t violate someone’s human rights some of the time, you probably aren’ t doing your job.” Washington Post - December 26, 2002
Image from Manifestations


United States | Apr 2009 | 3:57
Director: Giles Timms
Mr. Chip seeks anime love in a psychedelic, ever-morphing virtual world. "Il faut trouver l’amour".
Image from Среднощна Елегия

Среднощна Елегия

Bulgaria | Mar 2017 | 8:48
Director: Silviya Ivanova
Worries, memories, dream and nightmares refracted through insomnic eyes – after a dark night like this, what does the morning bring us?
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