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Mune: Love Between Worlds

South Africa | Nov 2009 | 10:09
Director: Jesca Marisa
A boy and a girl each have a city built on their heads filled with tiny people.
Image from Guide Dog

Guide Dog

United States | 2006 | 5:45
Director: Bill Plympton
An enthusiastic but unqualified hound answers an advertisment for a guide dog and finds the challenge a lot more difficult than expected.


United States | 2005 | 15:30
Director: Igor Kovalyov
An eight-year old boy's discovery of love and suffering as he faces the mortality of his family.
Image from Abducción. Episodio 1: La Nariz

Abducción. Episodio 1: La Nariz

Spain | 2010 | 4:36
Director: Alejo Levis Sotomayor
Meet the Prosopopos.

Little Knowledge is Dangerous

Kenya | Aug 2007 | 17:21
Directors: Samora Michelle, Adede Hawi, Karama Ogova
Zeal without wisdom is folly.
Image from Het Vogeltjes ABC

Het Vogeltjes ABC

South Africa | Oct 2008 | 5:17
Director: Diek Grobler
Little birds make sounds to teach children the letters of the Alphabet.
Image from The Runt

The Runt

Germany | Dec 2006 | 10:00
Director: Andreas Hykade
"Alright, I give you the Runt. But you take care of it, and you kill it in one year" said my uncle.

Old Fangs

Ireland | Jun 2009 | 11:30
Director: Adrien Merigeau
A young wolf decides to confront his father, whom he has not seen since he was a child.
Image from Tornistan


France | Apr 2014 | 3:00
Director: Ayce Kartal
June 2013. Demonstrators occupy Istanbul's Taksim Gezi park . While the tension and police brutality rise in the streets, the turkish TV broadcasts do...
Image from Seventeen


Netherlands | Oct 2003 | 12:00
Director: Hisko Hulsing
A timid 17-year-old construction worker has to deal with the rude behaviour of his macho-colleagues.
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