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Enrique Wrecks the World

United States | Sep 2010 | 4:27
Director: David Chai
Enrique learns the hard way, that actions speak louder than birds.
Image from Bek


Netherlands | Sep 2004 | 12:30
Director: Lucette Braune
A little girl is born with wings instead of arms and with a beak where a mouth should be.
Image from Schlaf


Switzerland | May 2010 | 4:09
Directors: Frank Braun, Claudius Gentinetta
Full breath ahead into the final sleep. A lullaby with closed eyes for a silent decline.

Mit freien Atemwegen und Volldampf auf Kurs zur endgültige...

O Sapateiro

Portugal | May 2011 | 12:00
Directors: David Doutel, Vasco Sá
A shoemaker wrapped up in memories of his life and the demands of his job, experiences a crucial moment in his existence. An enormous day in his life ...
Image from Katuv B'iparon

Katuv B'iparon

Israel | Jul 2010 | 8:00
Director: Yaron Bar
An everyday train voyage slowly turns into a nightmare.


Canada | 2003 | 4:00
Director: Christopher Hinton
A family goes on a fishing trip, but makes a lot of stops along the way.
Image from Pantoffelhelden


Germany | 2004 | 7:12
Director: Susanne Seidel
Pantoffelhelden is the tale of the love of a frog for a frog-shaped slipper. The male frog has to defend his beloved and himself from a voracious cran...
Image from God on Our Side

God on Our Side

Netherlands | 2005 | 7:00
Directors: Uri Kranot, Michal Pfeffer
Inspired by Picasso's Guernica (1937), this film is fundamentally about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In the name of God, people are infused with ...

Baby Fight

United States | Jun 2009 | 3:03
Director: Paul Gutches
In an apocalyptic world, even babies must fight to survive.
Image from Magic Show

Magic Show

Netherlands | Apr 2009 | 11:00
Director: Milan Hulsing
An illusionist and his assistant present a series of amazing acts, afterwards revealing to the audience how these tricks are performed. The fact that ...
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