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Image from Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy

Australia | 2004 | 9:18
Director: Sejong Park
During the Korean War, little Manuk plays on the streets of his village and dreams of life on the front. When he returns home, he finds a birthday pre...
Image from Suddenly Super

Suddenly Super

Canada | Oct 2013 | 18:21
Director: Scott Clevely
When a seemingly average middle-aged woman uses a secret superpower to save her husband’s life, a dark sorcerer from her past comes to steal her power...

Ground Running

United Kingdom | Sep 2009 | 2:00
Director: Ben Mitchell
An infant is propelled into the world and given a glimpse at the frenetic life to come.
Image from Delivery


Germany | 2005 | 9:00
Director: Till Nowak
An old hermit, living in the shadow of a dreary industrial-town, receives a mysterious box that enables him to change his surroundings.


Syria | Dec 2010 | 5:10
Director: Khalid Alhalabi
Our course of life is full of stations. What if it was stopped by a fence preventing us from continuing. Would we just hope to be eliminated suddenly,...
Image from Highly Overated!

Highly Overated!

United Kingdom | Jun 2009 | 2:43
Director: Billy Allison
A day in the life of a stressed man who doesn't like being watched and simply wants to read his newspaper in peace.

Sequoia Mantis

France | Apr 2011 | 0:50
Director: Rémi Devouassoud
A thinking mantis explains the relationship between men mantis and her.
Image from The Gallant Captain

The Gallant Captain

Australia | Aug 2013 | 8:08
Directors: Katrina Mathers, Graeme Base
A boy and his cat journey into unknown waters with a bottle, a boat and a vivid imagination.
5 awards
Image from Nothing Like Her

Nothing Like Her

Canada | Feb 2009 | 6:46
Director: Seana Kozar
At the intersection of loss and creativity, one woman finds how profound loss can resonate through even the earliest memories and affect the creative ...

One Rat Short

United States | 2006 | 10:00
Director: Alex Weil
One Rat Short takes place in two worlds—one a gritty, grimy and dark place—the other a sterile, white world.
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