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Man Pancake Productions

Man Pancake Productions has been an idea as long as time itself. Well not really. But it’s been a good couple of years regardless. Man Pancake had it’s inception in the early 2K’s when a bunch of like minded individuals with far too much time on their hands, and an unhealthy appreciation of film thought; We could do that too! Having spent their lives with their faces pressed firmly against the glass watching others live a life in the film business that they ultimately felt deserved of. It quickly became apparent that their (Man Pancake) time had not yet come after a few setbacks plagued their early attempts at stringing together a couple of scenes that anybody outside of their inner sanctum wouldn’t tolerate without the use of relaxants. In early 2011 Man Pancake reconvened during what can only be described as a moment of sobriety with a renewed sense of vigour and a burning desire to quit their day jobs and hopefully one day, suckle on that big ‘ol teat that is the film business.

Short film credits

Image from Pelvis


Australia | Mar 2011 | 7:15
Director: Anthony Bethell
Aaron, a landscaper, has a dream to make it big as an Elvis impersonator.
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